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Examples of QR Code Applications

@ Application System Outline Merit of Using QR Code
1 QR Code for Stationary Order System Customer Scans QR Code on the catalogue and the order direction is automatically sent to the wholesaler Improvement of the efficiency of ordering transaction
2 QR Code on Bus / Train Commuters Pass - The applicant fills application form
- QR Code containing the information filled in the application form is printed on the pass
- The renewal application just requires duration data, and QR Code gives necessary data
Prompt and efficient service for commuter pass renewal
3 QR Code for Shushi Freshness Control System QR Code on sushi plates can always be scanned
Sushi remaining after fixed minutes can be disposed
Quality control of sushi dishes is realized and the freshness of sushi is ensured
4 QR Code for Betting Ticket Management - Betting ticket is marked with QR Code encoding the betting data
- At the ticket office winning ticket is matched with database by reading QR Code for confirmation
- Betting ticket was changed from paper-typed magnetic card to plain paper which achieved 3 billion yen cost cutting per year
- The environment impact is reduced by replacing magnetic card with plain paper because plain paper is recyclable
5 QR Code for Passenger Management - QR Codes are printed on the tickets for casino cruiser
- The ticket covers Name, Address and Passport number
- The QR Code is used as a certification when the passenger receives his passport deposited at his embarkment
- Deposited passports can be correctly returned
- Used as a ticket for foods and drinks, etc
6 QR Code for Patient Identification in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore - Hospitals in Japan, Honk Kong and Singapore have adopted QR Code printed on patient wrist band to identify the patients
- Example for information encoded on QR Code are Name, ID Number, Date of Birth, Gender, Ward and bed number
Ensure that the right patients get the right medicine for right treatment at the right time
7 QR Code for Blood Test Process Management in Australia - Collected blood is put in a test tube
- The test tubes marked with QR Code are inserted into the tester
- The system automatically examines the inserted blood
- QR Code including larger data can be printed on a limited space
- Compact reader can be easily built in the tester without changing its housing
8 QR Code for LPG Cylinder Bottle Management in Australia - Manage the gas replacement and the cylinder life and capacity in households with QR Codes on the cylinder
- Manage the amount of gas use the its records to facilitate regular sales
An off-line system can be established by applying data to the cylinder bottles
9 QR Code for Tracing of Livestock with ID Numbers in Australia - QR Code label attached to the tail of an animal is used for tracking of its movement in stock farms
- When the plague like the mad cow disease (BSE) breaks out a unique ID assigned to each stock farm is traced to discover the cause of the disease
- Error correction feature facilitates dirty label reading
- Off-line system construction is possible because cattle themselves carry IDs
10 QR Code for Jewellery Certification System in China - QR Code on the tag carries the information of processor and governmental authority's certification
- Customers scan QR Code on the tag and the certification data will show on PC display
Customers themselves can confirm the certification information
11 QR Code for Jewellary Shop in France - Each jewel has a unique ID number to prevent theft and resale and is managed with QR Code
- QR Code system is also used to create a book with sales and stock records
- Small-sized QR Code has implemented the numbering of a small articles like jewellery
- Significantly reduced manual handling to manage individual numbers
12 QR Code for Agriculture in Taiwan - Each packet of vegetables has a unique ID number with product traceability code
- The QR Code on the packet encoded the name of the vegetable, GS1 identification number, packing date and traceability code
- The council of agriculture of Taiwan developed the mobile web linkage
- QR Code can facilitate in the traceability process and enable retailers withdraw packets of vegetables which are not fresh
- Shoppers can also get the farmer related information by scanning the QR Code which will lead to the farm through the mobile web linkage developed by the council of agriculture of Taiwan
13 QR Code for Telecom As a Basis of eBusiness in Taiwan - The Taiwan industry development bureau ministry of economic affairs and its council open mobile internet alliance, OMIA, including Chunghwa telecom Taiwan's No.1 telecom operator developed a QR Code platform for Taiwan's mobile application
- When the shoppers scan the QR Code printed on the brochures, or leaflets using the mobile phone, the shoppers will be immediately connected to the vendor's of movie-tickets, air-tickets and tourist guidance, etc
This is to expedite eBusiness and make it available in various ways, including movie-ticketing, tourist guidance, etc
14 QR Code for Payment Slips Management in Taiwan - The FarEasTone (FET) of Taiwan encoded bill payment URL link data on a bill to customer
- The customers snap the QR Code printed on the bill to conduct payment by mobile phone through internet
This is to facilitate the payment of bills using mobile phone

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